Summer – Shop Apprentice

I live in Berlin, Nh with my mom but visit my dads every other weekend. When I come to my dads I get to work in one of the best places ever. I love it here and I feel like I belong. The positive atmosphere is so nice and I always look forward to when I get to work! I am interested in the beauty industry because it’s so inspiring. Plus there are so many routes to take and go. I haven’t decided for sure what path I will take but I plan on doing an apprenticeship with Teri! When I do hair it’s so relaxing and fun. So eventually getting my license and getting paid to do what I love sounds amazing! I am so thankful to Teri for this opportunity!

Sam – Shop Apprentice

My name is Samantha Walz, I live in Sharon Vermont and I go to Hartford High School. Along with Hartford High I also attended a VOTEC class called pre cosmetology. I just completed the class because sadly it’s only scheduled for a half year. I enjoyed attending this class and looked forward to it every day. I am interested in Cosmetology because it is my dream job. I am a very creative person that has a drive for doing things I enjoy to my best ability. Since I was very little I have loved everything that has to do with hair and nails. If my plans for being a cosmetologist in the future work out, then I will be very grateful and proud of myself.